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I help busy professionals who want to lose weight, improve health and have more energy, but haven't got time for complicated diets and crazy long workouts.

Throught a journey of discovery, and a ''light touch'' approach, I'll show you how to develop your skills in the areas of nutrition, fitness and mindset so you can make progress towards your health and fitness goal with maximum satisfaction, minimum discomfort, and minimum overwhelm.

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Welcome to the Busy Professional's Health and Fitness Club. Get doing from here...


Welcome to the Busy Professional's Health and Fitness Club. Here's what to expect, why to expect it and what to do first.

Process Goals And Tracking

If you focus on the results, nothing will change. If you focus on the change, results will come. Tracking your habits with a simple 'yes' or 'no' every day is powerful. It helps us to bridge the gap between what we thig we are doing and what we are actually doing. Saying ''I'll just do it'' won't work. Tracking habits gets results because it makes you focus on the change.

Outcome Based Decisions

You have autonomy in this client centred outcome based process.

Play The Long Game

In the spirit of achieving long term change that lasts forever, I encourage you to adopt a beginners mindset, and be humble enough to practice basics consistently.

From Yo-Yo Diets To Long Term Change

So many of my clients have felt the frustrations that come with repeated diets, weight loss, and accumulated weight gain over the years. Here's why, and a new approach to take in order to achieve and MAINTAIN your best health.
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Mission 1 - Nutrition

Nutrition is the biggest limiting factor to your progress, and the one that is the easiest to improve. This module helps busy professionals implement effective nutrition strategies that help them look, feel and perform better.

Structure Your Eating

For maximum satisfaction and minimum discomfort, the easiest way to create a calorie deficit is to eat three meals per day without snacking.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly underpins every other nutritional practice.

Await Hunger For 30-60 Minutes

Await hunger for 30-60 minutes before eating is a sure sign you are eating in alignment with your goal.

Eat Until 80% Full

Stopping at 80% full is a skill that will help you reach your goal by eating the correct amount of food, weighing, measuring or counting calories.

Eat Enough Protein Dense Food

Protein is one of the top nutrition deficiencies. While it is easy to meet your minimum intake, focusing on protein intake can be hugely beneficial in the areas of sateity, health, performance, and body composition.

Eat Mainly Whole Foods

Eating mainly wholefoods will mean you will provide your body with the nutrition it needs to thrive. It's also the most satisfying.

Focus On Vegetables

Vegetables are helpful to add nutrient density to your nutrition, as well as adding volume to meals which aids satisfaction.

Eat Carbohydrates That Support Your Goal

Carbs are not evil and it is worth becoming 'carb smart' so that you can enjoy them in a way that is supportive of your goal.

Choose Healthy Fats

Since fat is over twice as energy dense as protein and carbohydrate, it is wise to focus on eating the right amount of fat. The type of fats you eat can have an impact on health, performance and body composition too.

Eliminate Liquid Calories

Liquid calories can be the least satisfaction and sabotage your goals.

Managing Alcohol

Managing your alcohol intake in a way that you feel good about is important.
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Mission 2 - Movement

Minimum effective dose movement and workouts that help busy professionals move more and move well in the context of their life.
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Mission 3 - Mindset

Taking time to work on your inner game is a fundamental component that most people miss.

Goals And Aspirations

Take time to write down your aspirations for yourself and what if anything gets in the way of achieving them. Use free writing - whatever comes to mind, write it down.

5 Whys

Why are you doing this? Ask yourself 5 times until you get to the deeper, real, important reasons.

Action Towards Values

What are your core values? Who do you want to be? How do you want your nutrition, fitness, career and relationships to look?


For long term change, mooth out any conflict between who you are, your identity, beliefs, your capabilities, behaviour and your environment.

The ”Cost” Of Success

Is your goal realistic within the availability of resources, knowledge and time? What is the ''cost of getting lean''?

Deep Health

Deep health.

Stress Deep Dive

Stress management

Winning Physical Environment

Winning physical environment.

Winning Social Environment

Winning social environment.

Time Awareness

Time is a finite resource. Unlike spending money, once you spend time, you will never get it back. Spending time wisely starts with becoming aware of how it is spent, and whether it is supportive of your goals.

Time, Triggers Habits and Rewards

Now you have a better awareness of how you spend your time, we can analyse it further, looking at triggers, habits and rewards to build in more supportive habits.